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Are you ready to stop running around in circles hoping and dreaming for success

but getting stuck on technology problems,

and to finally get your coaching/consulting business online?

How would it feel to finally start making money in your coaching business before the end of this year?

Let’s face it – your clients need you.

But if you're overwhelmed with the technology that keeps stopping you . . . you can't reach them.

They need what you have to offer . . . but they can't find you, and they can't hire you.

Are you frustrated because you see other coaches

launching their businesses and enrolling clients . . .

and yet, you’re still stuck?

Do you find yourself wishing you could tie all the pieces together

so you can get your work out there . . .

so you can finally have the successful online coaching business you’ve sought-after?

If so, I understand. I get it. You’re not alone. I've seen hundreds of clients stay stuck . . . for a long, long time . . .

because they can't figure out how the technology piece works.

And the thing is, it's not that hard . . .

if you know what to do and how to do it.

The technology that goes into building a successful online business can be overwhelming.

The problem is that it's tough to find actionable guidance on how to build and use a simple technology framework create and launch your online business.

Seriously, I've looked for a few years now, and so far I haven’t found a single program that has solid, streamlined, actionable advice for using the technology that moves you from ‘trying to start an online business’ to ‘earning money’

in a reasonable amount of time, and at an affordable price.

So I’ve decided to fill that gap and hold an intensive live virtual training to teach you how to do just that. The live virtual event will take place on Wednesday Oct 6, 2021 3 PM ET.

I designed this interactive training to teach you exactly what to do and

exactly how to do it (with demonstrations of each step so you can follow along).

And to ensure your success and follow-through, I've added a 2-hour group coaching call on Friday Oct 8 3PM ET.

I've cut out all the fluff and noise so you can focus on the essentials that will get your business online.

I've been to lot's of webinars, masterclasses, etc. The standard out there seems to be that there's usually between 20% - 30% of decent content

. . . and the rest of the time is spent trying to sell you something. Personally, I don't like that model.

The main objective for this training is for you to walk away unstuck and moving forward so you can get your work out into the world,

and to show you how to make some money while you do it.

Cut out the noise and focus on the essentials.

What would it be worth to you to go from 'trying to start a business' to actually having a meaningful and profitable online business, and be making real money as we head into the holiday season?

What would it feel like to have the confidence to attract and enroll new clients?

What could you do for yourself, your family, and your community by having your coaching business online and profitable by the end of the year?

Of course how much you earn depends on how much you charge for your services. If your average coaching client is worth $2000, and you enroll 6 clients in your program, maybe it's worth investing $997 to have $12,000 in revenue to end 2021.

But the true underlying value won't be in generating revenue.

The real value will come when you get over that hump of 'starting a business' to actually earning revenue.

I've worked with clients who have been stuck for a long time, invested thousands of dollars and hours in trying to start a business, yet they haven't earned their first dollar yet.

What I've seen is that once they finally get over that hump of earning their first dollar, their confidence and belief in themselves skyrockets, which is priceless.

I don't typically teach my methods and concepts as a stand-alone training outside of my regular program - which is an investment of $4997.

My regular program guides my clients through almost this exact process (in much greater detail and depth) - but I personally believe that new clients might be concerned with investing in a $5000 program when they aren't sure my methods will work for them.

So I'm offering this training to you - one time in this format - to focus you on the absolute essentials you need to make real money in your business before the end of 2021.

The live training and mentoring will teach and guide you into the exact framework I use in my regular program, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

I'm offering it this one time for $997 $97.

What makes this live training different than other trainings out there is that I am here to personally guide you through the hand's-on exercises that help you get from where you are to where you want to be - faster.

I would typically expect to invest anywhere between $500 to $1000 for this type of live, interactive training, but I want this to be in reach for those who need it the most.

This may be the only time I'll teach it outside of my regular program.

The class size is limited so that each of you get the level of attention you need.

With me as your guide to show you what to do

you'll have what you need to be able to do this yourself.

At the end of this training you'll:

have a minimalist and simplified technology framework;

have a personal coaching product to sell,

know how to price and package it;

and you'll know how to sell it (get paid).

This training works for coaches, consultants, and for anyone with knowledge and experience to share:

whether you are just starting out,

already have a coaching or consulting business, and want to bring it online,

have an existing online business and want to grow your client base.

Start Where You Are

It doesn’t matter if you have a big list, small list, or no list - a social media following, or even if you’ve never sold anything online before.

I'll be teaching a simple, well-sequenced series of steps, and a technology framework that lead up to getting your business online.

The live virtual training event starts on October 6th at 3 PM ET, and runs for about 2 hours. (It can go longer depending on how many questions.)

The follow-up coaching and progress call is on October 8th at 3 PM ET, and will also run for about 2 hours. (I'll stay on this call until all your questions are answered.)

Both the training and the follow-up calls will be recorded and available to you.

$997 Just one payment of $97

This is an action-intensive program designed to help you move forward fast!

What we'll cover during the training:

  • Simplified and streamlined technology framework that will work for anyone
    (even if you are a technophobe)

  • Turn your coaching/consulting work into a product to sell
    (if you don't have something to sell, and a way to get paid, is it really a business?)

  • Package and price your product
    (knowing exactly who your perfect client is will help you with packaging & pricing)

  • Sell and deliver your product
    (Once you get paid, you gotta deliver the product)

14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Full disclaimer: Cain Consulting Services LLC and does not guarantee that you will make a specific amount of money. A promise like that is not feasible for any program.

I do guarantee that you will learn the tools and skills you need to build a profitable online business. It's up to you to take action. That's why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

No questions asked, no hassle, doesn't matter the reason. Just a single email, and your refund will be processed without question.

Do I need a list or following for this to work?

This class assumes you are just starting and have no list or following.

Finding your perfect clients is more important than a large following. I"ll show you how to find and enroll your perfect clients.

Do I need to have some specific experience before I sign up?

The singe most important thing you need to be successful in this training is to have an action-oriented perspective.

For you to benefit the most from this training, you should have a computer with a microphone and camera (built-in or attached).

What if I'm not sure what my coaching process or business idea is yet? Will this still work for me?

It's common that you don't yet have complete clarity on what your finished product/package is. By the time the training is over, you will have more clarity.

If I miss the deadline, can I still register?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. There is some pre-work to do, and it wouldn't be fair to the other students.

Are there hidden costs? Are you going to try to sell me something?

There are no hidden costs and I'm not going to be 'selling' you anything.

To have a successful online business, you will need to purchase some tools.

I don't sell the tools. I don't have affiliate relationships with any of the tools I discuss in the training.

I show you how to use the least complicated technology framework to get your business online and making money.

The (not so) Fine Print:

1) The training and follow-up coaching calls will be recorded. However, I do encourage you to attend both the live training and follow-up call to get the maximum benefit.

2) I have created a safe place to learn how to build a successful online business, and you agree to bring a positive, and respectful frame-of-mind with you on this journey.

3) You agree that you have to take action (which may be outside of your current comfort zone) to get your work out into the world so you can make a difference in your clients' lives.

4) If you take action on the steps, this training is 100% guaranteed to get your business online.

If you're tired of being stuck, and you're ready to make money in your coaching business before the end of 2021, enroll below:

This is an action-intensive program designed to help you move forward fast!

$997 Just one payment of $97

Enrollment closes in:



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